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BARDS Instrumentation

The BARDS Analyzer is a bench-top instrument with a small footprint making it suitable for any busy laboratory.

It consists of a robust dissolution chamber with a custom magnetic stirrer and sample introduction. The sample is simply weighed in a weighing boat which is then placed in the through the loading port at the top of the instrument. The stirrer is set in motion and background acoustic resonances of the vessel and monitored for 30 seconds before automated sample introduction of the material in the weighing boat.

A dedicated  user interface software package allows data acquisition and handling to be preformed within one environment. The software also contains a graphics package for data presentation and data export options. The software is also CFR 21 part 11 compliant.


Industries benefiting from this technology include pharmaceutical, food,  for at-line testing or research development. The BARDS instrument is multifunctional and can be used for screening almost any powdered material. It offers;

  • Rapid screening of powders

  • Differentiation of polymers,

  • Inter and Intra-batch analysis

  • Rapid blend uniformity analysis

  • Identification of counterfeits

  • Particle Size Inference

  • Determination of drug loading on drug delivery spheres.

  • Stability testing

A typical BARDS spectrum is shown below. The fundamental curve is used for

comparison between samples.


  • BARDS vessels are custom designed for particular applications
  • The BARDS software is versatile and user-friendly fulfilling all regulatory requirements
  • The BARDS software generates a user and time stamped .pdf report of each test to provide an audit trail
  • A simple calibration test has the instrument ready to perform analysis in less than 5 minutes
  • The instrument footprint has been designed to be as compact as possible: 200mm x 230mm

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