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What is BARDS?

Broadband Acoustics Resonance Dissolution Spectroscopy (BARDS) is a patented new platform technology based on an acoustic phenomenon observed when you add a compound to a solvent. A compound generates a unique acoustic profile (see below) at a fixed solvent volume and analyte concentration. The dissolution of an analyte introduces gases trapped between and within particles and also reduces the solubility of gas in solution. This leads to a reproducible change in the compressibility of the solution due to outgassing, which acts to slow down the speed of sound. The sound is induced simply using a magnetic follower to gently tap the inner wall of the vessel. This mechanical energy then dissipates as sound energy resonating through the solution. BARDS applications are universal across food and pharma sectors and include screening of raw materials,  quality control, inter and intra-batch analysis, blend uniformity analysis, detection of counterfeits and  in the pharmaceutical and food industry. A video presentation explaining BARDS by Dara Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. is given below.